The Real-Time Location Revolution: What's next for LBS?

Matt Galligan (SimpleGeo), Mikhail Panchenko (Opsmatic, Inc)
Ballroom EFGH
This is presentation will be streamed live along with the other keynotes.
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With the check-in getting quickly commoditized, what’s the next step in location-aware services? What are some ways that companies can leverage a world of real-time information and capabilities to build new and more compelling offerings? There are many companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with location through real-time information and this talk will get you started with what’s coming down the pipe.

Photo of Matt Galligan

Matt Galligan


Matt Galligan, 25, is the CEO and Co-Founder of SimpleGeo, based out of Boulder, CO that provides a ready-to-use location infrastructure for app developers. He previously founded Socialthing, a company that was chosen to be part of the inaugural year of TechStars. went into private beta in March, 2008 at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The company was acquired five months later by AOL. Socialthing was later rebranded as AOL Lifestream.

Matt currently resides in Boulder, CO and is an active member of the startup community there.

Photo of Mikhail Panchenko

Mikhail Panchenko

Opsmatic, Inc

Mike is the CTO of Opsmatic. He works with his team on building a reliable service for making the daily lives of frontline operators and engineers better.

Before that, he worked on distributed storage at Urban Airship (by way of SimpleGeo). His job entailed figuring out how to store and query large amounts of data in a horizontally scalable data store, while ensuring that the system ran smooth as butter and was easy to operate.

Before that, he spent 3 years at Yahoo! performing a variet of roles. Initially hired to the Ops Tools team to work on infrastructure projects such as DNS automation, he then went on to spread his time around on automating abuse/spam prevention, rebuilding the offline batch processing system, optimizing database queries, building out high-profile integrations, and rescuing kittens at Flickr.

When not writing code, Mike spends his time surfing, playing soccer, occasionally giving talks at conferences, and learning about how computers work.

  • Nokia
  • OnStar
  • Esri
  • AT&T Interactive
  • Google
  • Rackspace Hosting
  • AND Automotive Navigation Data
  • C3 Technologies
  • Ditto
  • Facebook
  • Factual
  • MapQuest
  • Microsoft Corporation

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